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GUARANT International was the first company to provide association management services in the Czech Republic in 2003.

The strategic importance of association management for our clients is still growing, therefore we have successfully introduced a separate brand for this segment of services – Association House.
The complex of services for effective development of any association are: sponsorship management for obtaining the necessary financial resources, development of benefits for members, effective communication with the professional and general public, and the growth of relationships with other subjects within the association industry.

Our first client, the Czech Society of Extracorporeal Circulation and Support Systems (CZESECT), came on board in 2003 and continues to rely on the AH services to this day.

Choose us! We are the right partner for the future of your association. We look forward to working with you.

Our Services

  • Member Recruitment Strategies and Engagement
  • Introducing new and interesting membership benefits
  • Improving internal and external communication
  • Membership development and expansion
  • Supporting discussion forums
  • Transparent accounting
  • Budget Management
  • Sponsoring strategy
  • Creating sponsors and partners databases
  • Communication with partners and administrative support
  • Seeking other opportunities (donations, grants)
  • Tax advisory
  • Online marketing, social media and IT support
  • Our own membership system CLAUDiN
  • Electronic elections
  • Online library
  • Mobile application
  • Teleconferences/Videoconferences
  • Webinars
  • Web site administration
  • Electronic archiving
  • Social networks
  • Electronic Newsletter, questionnaires
  • Support and organization of the education system
  • Organizing webinars
  • Preparation of grant applications
  • Organization of seminars, workshops and training
  • Assistance with preparing an education plan
  • Ensuring traineeships
  • Guidelines
  • Representation at conferences and other events
  • Preparation of promotional materials
  • Organization of Meetings with society sponsors and partners
  • Representation of the society at the booth
  • Organization of other meetings
  • Consultation and complex society management
  • Administering and managing everyday operations
  • Documents administration and archiving
  • Strategic planning
  • Providing consulting services in different areas
  • GDPR consulting
  • Complex organization of electronic election
  • Own on-line system
  • Certificate for system security
  • Significant savings of funds
  • Results with zero errors
  • The results are available immediately after the election
  • Logistics and other support
  • Preparation of the agenda and meeting minutes
  • Regular reporting on association management work
  • Travel services and accommodation
  • Meeting venue logistics including AV equipment
  • Teleconferences/Videoconferences



Cooperation Initiated: November 2013

Before Initiating Cooperation:

  • Infrequent communication with members
  • No administrative support for Board Members

After Initiating Cooperation: (What we introduced and improved so far)

  • Ensured regular website administration and updates
  • Confirmed a proven increase in website traffic
  • Introduced and regularly send a members e-newsletter
  • Established regular communication with the world (WFN) and European (EAN) neurological society
  • Established regular communication with members
  • Ensured society representation at national meetings

Cooperation Initiated: November 2013

Recommendation Letter HERE

Before Initiating Cooperation:

  • Infrequent communication with members
  • Missing contact information of society´s members
  • No administrative support for Board Members
  • Insufficient financial resources for further development

After Initiating Cooperation: (What we introduced and improved so far)

  • Introduced and regularly send a members newsletter
  • Updated membership database
  • Enhanced cooperation with society´s partners
  • Introduced new membership benefits
  • Ensured society representation at national meetings and established regular communication

Cooperation Initiated: March 2014

Before Initiating Cooperation:

  • Out-dated and non-functioning website without a members-only area and online payment option
  • Non-functioning membership management system
  • Over 1,000 unsorted documents
  • Free of charge online election system with a risk of personal data abuse
  • Infrequent communication with members

After Initiating Cooperation: (What we introduced and improved so far)

  • Launched a new website with a members-only area
  • Launched a new membership management system with a discounted multiple-year membership benefit
  • Introduced an online membership payment option
  • Sorted all society documents in an online storage and enabled access for all Executive Board Members
  • Secured the online election system for the 2014 elections
  • Established regular communication with members
  • Created everyday administrative office support
  • Established regular communication with members via newsletters and social media channels

Cooperation Initiated: January 2015

Recommendation Letter HERE

Before Initiating Cooperation:

  • Out-dated and non-functioning website without a members-only area and online payment option
  • Infrequent communication with members
  • Infrequent cooperation with other professional societies

After Initiating Cooperation: (What we introduced and improved so far)

  • Launched a new website with a members-only area
  • Introduced an online membership payment option
  • Introduced a regular members e-newsletter
  • Enhanced cooperation with other professional societies

Below you will find an interview with Prof. MUDr. Richard Češka CSc., the Chairman of the Czech Society of Internal Medicine of the Czech Medical Association of J. E. Purkyně, on support for the  secretariat leaders which made it possible for the committee to focus on professional aspects of the society.

What do you consider to be the greatest benefit of the association management?

“All the members of the committee of the Czech Society of Internal Medicine perform their functions in the society as volunteers, i.e. in their own time in addition to their jobs. On that account my time as well as that of the committee is limited and this is where I find the cooperation with GUARANT International company most beneficial. I can concentrate more on professional aspects and thus focus on the main goal of our society, which is the development and progress of internal medicine.”

What do you think about the cooperation with the team of GUARANT International company?

“The association management team has explicitly defined responsibilities and areas in which we cooperate. I appreciate flexibility, thoroughness and a forthcoming approach. The original relationship between a contractor and a supplier has grown into a partnership in which we have a common objective that we successfully accomplish. I am happy and satisfied. I know that this team supports me and I can fully rely on their accomplishment of the agreed upon steps.”

What are the tools the professional societies can employ for the development of their specialty?

“These are particularly the active and zealous colleagues who care about their specialty. Extremely important is also to build a strong community in which discussions take place and information and experience are shared. The position of the specialty of internal medicine has to be strengthened not only inwards, also outwards, towards institutions, the public, and also abroad.”

Do you see a big difference between the internal medicine in the CR and in the other EU countries?

“The internal medicine in our country has achieved a very good professional standard. We have a sophisticated system of lifelong learning. The physicians educate themselves at conferences, symposiums, seminars, but also in a modern way, electronically. In this respect, too, the professional society, i.e. the Czech Society of Internal Medicine acts as their partner. This way we educate physicians who can measure up against medical doctors for example in Germany or Belgium. We can assess their knowledge and experience at international conferences of internal medicine and individual specialties derived from internal medicine.”

“Thanks to association management I can dedicate some time to relationships with foreign societies and in this way foster our cooperation.”

Please describe how ESPA has developed/grown with Association House.

“ESPA was pretty strong in organizing conferences. However, it was stressful because working with a different PCO every year means too much additional workload. Since working with a permanent PCO, our lives became easier and allowed us to focus more on our core business.”

What does ESPA value the most when working with Association House?

“Association House is a reliable partner. What we as a scientific nonprofit organization needs most is a loyal and reliable partner. That’s what we appreciate the most.”

Are there any measurable changes that ESPA can see (or which area has had the most significant change)?

“There are a number of measurable parameters like the steady growth via recognition by social media. Facebook followers have gone from 220 followers to 370 followers in the past six months all due to consistency, activity, and engagement.
We also started a LinkedIn page and will start to create more content for that.
Our member numbers have also increased by 20% over the past year due more consistency, reliability, communication amongst members, and better events per year.”

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